Do you have experience as a maintenance supervisor and are you browsing maintenance manager jobs for a position with one of the most successful real estate management companies in Southern California? If so you’re in the right place. Decron is searching for an individual to fill the role of Apartment Maintenance Supervisor. The individual selected for this job will responsible for overseeing general maintenance repairs for the property they’re hired onto, as well as other associated duties. As the maintenance manager, you would report to that property’s community manager, and supervise all on-site maintenance personally, which may include housekeepers, groundskeepers, porters, and maintenance technicians.

Decron’s maintenance manager jobs will include a number of duties, separated into several categories. General on-call duties would include working under the direction of the Community Manager and with an office team to develop a daily and weekly maintenance schedule, ensuring that repairs are completed in a timely manner. It is the maintenance manger’s duty to oversee maintenance staff, checking in on the progress of their duties to facilitate a punctual repair schedule, and assisting with their work when and where it is necessary. In this position, it is necessary to respond promptly to residents’ requests and complaints where maintenance is involved.

The Apartment Maintenance Supervisor will also directly participate in maintenance and service duties. These include repairing or replacing appliances, plumbing systems, air conditioning, heating, and electrical systems, and other apartment materials that require maintenance and which fall within the scope of the management’s responsibility. Other aspects of these maintenance manager jobs include tasks regarding apartment make-readies (ie. readying a vacant apartment for its next occupancy). This will involve coordinating with the Community Manager to facilitate the make-readies, and ensuring that all necessary repairs and replacements, such as carpeting or appliances, are complete.

Three years prior maintenance experience is required for this position. Applicants should display strong leadership skills, and should also be team players, willing to work with other employees to complete all required tasks in a timely manner.

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