Searching for Apartment Leasing Consultant jobs and want to work with the best? We’d love for you to join us at Decron. Established over 55 years ago, and presently based in the Los Angeles area, Decron Properties is dedicated to the construction of quality real estate development projects across California, with an emphasis on multi-family homes. Currently, Decron is looking for talented, experienced individuals to join the team as residential leasing consultants. These Leasing Specialist jobs revolve around the ability to bring solid leasing and marketing results to the table at one of Southern California’s premiere real estate companies.

Individuals seeking Apartment Leasing Consultant jobs at Decron will have a number of general duties, in addition to a variety of secondary responsibilities. Primarily, those hired will be expected to develop and implement marketing strategies to increase prospect volume, as well as effectively closing individual sales, all while maintaining accurate commission sheets. The second keystone of these leasing specialist jobs involves community leasing and marketing. If hired for this position, a large focus will be on preparing model or focus units for tour, and taking prospects through these units. During the tour, it will be your job to close the sale, highlighting the unit’s amenities and other notable qualities. After the tour, you will be expected to follow up with prospects within 24 hours if they didn’t close at the time, in order to lock in the sale. Once you’ve closed a sale, assisting in processing the application will also be a part of your job.

These Apartment Leasing Consultant jobs will also include outward facing marketing, such as establishing and maintaining online ads, and participating in additional marketing outreach activities (creating and printing fliers, newsletters, etc). Individuals applying for this position should be self-motivated and display strong leadership skills, as well as the ability to be a team player.

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