How Technology is Improving Everyday Apartment Living

January 16, 2019

Over the past several decades, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds, adding new forms of convenience to modern life – and apartment living is no exception.

With the annual tech fest of CES 2019 having recently come to a close, and as the concept of “smart homes” becomes a more talked about topic, we’re taking a look at how everyday apartment living has been improved by technology in recent years.

Live Video Feeds for Security and Peace of Mind
Though security camera feeds aren’t a particularly recent technology, it’s a concept that’s seen numerous refinements and improvements. Now a staple concept of “smart homes” (houses or apartments with a number of automated systems for convenience), internal apartment video feeds have grown in popularity, allowing home owners and apartment tenants to keep an eye on their pets or children while they’re at work or out of town.

Virtual Personal Assistants for Convenience, like Alexa
Once merely a concept of science-fiction, virtual personal assistants (or VPAs) like Amazon’s Alexa through the Echo have become an increasingly popular component of everyday home lives. These assistants bring a new level of convenience, with the ability to play and control music, read the news, answer questions, and just in general assist you going about your day – all hands-free and voice-activated. Where these assistants really shine, however, is their ability to connect to other smart devices in your home (like smart lighting, etc), making each a universal remote that’s all controlled by a simple phrase or two.

Apps Like RentCafe to Easily and Securely Pay Rent
Gone are the days of having to write and mail a check, then hope it doesn’t get lost or stolen along the way. Thanks to apps and websites like RentCafe, paying your rent has never been easier, faster, or more secure – and it’s just one of the features that make living at a Decron apartment your gateway to everyday convenience and better living.

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